I’ve spent the last 30 years forging a successful taxstrategy firm. A lot of business owners who succeed never share the wealth of knowledge they received from their experiences. All the lows and highs oftaking the risk and starting a business. My company helps Americans all over the country save money on taxes and not leave Uncle Sam a tip. I am a firm believer that you work hard for your money, therefore you deserve to do everything in your power to keep that money. At the same time, everything I was fortunate enough to learn is also something I want to share with everyone else. 


Even though it took hard work and dedication, I was able to be both a mom and a career woman. My husband and I had four sons, and we created a beautiful family. Now two of my sons help me run my business and have both dedicated themselves to helping other business owners succeed through saving money and adapting to all the changes that have come over time. Even though we have expanded over time and work with clients from all backgrounds, we always stay true to our foundation and always act with integrity.


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